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The ambassadors’ main role is to act as Karafarin representatives in the community during their term and to invite enthusiastic professionals in their network to join Karafarin. They will also share the mission of Karafarin with the participants in our monthly events and help them connect with each other. An ambassadorship candidate is someone who enjoys social/professional gatherings, should have participated in at least one previous Karafarin event, and be very much interested in startups and entrepreneurship space. The ambassadorship program is six month term and can be extended for more terms.

​Our ambassadors receive free entry to the events for their six month period. Karafarin will work diligently to create a diverse mix of ambassadors based on age, gender, industry, etc.

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Meet Our Ambassadors


Leyly Mirsanjari

Leyly has a bachelor in French language and language & civilization diploma Aix-en province faculty, Peer leadership certificate from family service Toronto, business communication certificate, Early development from mothercraft college and Child care assistant from TDSB.
She has extensive experience in teaching French in Iran and Canada. She also coordinates and facilitates several multicultural groups in various ages, peer support group, senior focus group, women support group focused on violence against women and family health.
Currently she is working at family service Toronto as a facilitator, where she runs and trains for workshops, and focus group for caregivers. She has volunteered for Tirgan festival (as outreach coordinator), Cineiran (as guest coordinator) , Behnam Foundation and IWOO organization.


Shahryar Rahmani

​Shahryar is pursuing his M.A.Sc. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science along with his YU graduate fellowship from York University. Shahryar has three years of experience as a researcher in the areas of electrical engineering and power systems and five years of experience in procurement and construction (PC) projects in Electrical Power Engineering industry as a contractor assistant in Iran. He has been participated in numerous projects of installation and maintenance of overhead distribution and transmission lines, under-ground cable lines, and substation. Shahryar is a reviewer of IEEE Transaction on Smart grid journal. Currently, he is research assistant and teaching assistant at York University.


Nooshin Ghasemi

Nooshin has a PHD of Management and Electronic Engineering, used to teach at university for 12 years, and has 15 years of experience in industrial manufacturing field, production management, quality control management and R&D management. In addition she has worked in film production industry as a first AD and production planner in Toronto and also short films and photography in Iran. She has volunteered for Tirgan and Norouzgan festival (production assistant) and Cineiran (Guest services) and also Phoenix comedy festival (Guest coordinator). Nooshin is Directing Manager of Phoenix cultural center now.

Melika Ghiasi

​Melika is pursuing her B.Sc. of Software Engineering at York University. During her studies, she has won several scholarships such as Alexander Lithographers Award, Spiritan Scholarship and Merit award. She is highly skilled in technical data design and data analysis through her role as a data designer at IWOO organization. She has valuable work experience as Law Clerk/Legal assistant at Global Access law office where she obtained extensive experience in PC law system. She also is a professional event photographer with demonstrated history of working in various organizations and events.

Pantea Maralani

Pantea Maralani is a translator/ interpretor and an active member of Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO), currently working as a bilingual representative at Service Ontario. 
She has a BA in English literature and an MA in General Linguistics. With her passion for engaging in community causes, she has had the privilege of working with Tirgan during 3 festivals as an outreach coordinator. She is currently a member of Yara family, trying to put her outreach skills and experiences at the team’s service. Another association she is involved with is IWOO which is a center for empowerment of Iranian women of Ontario. 
Pantea started volunteering for Karafarin since Karafarin 2018 Expo and she has been promoted to an ambassador to extend her involvement and commitment to the team.



Emad Fereshtehnejad

Emad is a leader and business owner in different industries and actively helping small businesses to grow. He is also proud to be an active member of several social organizations and associations as a volunteer. Emad graduated in mechanical engineering at Sharif University of Technology. He is the founder of Sharif Hamyaran network in Sharif University which brought lots of capacity in the academic environment to be a strategic partner of the industries in a win-win collaborations. He came to Canada in 2014 and started working in a German International company in Toronto as a production manager and also a process improvement consultant. Emad started volunteering for Karafarin since the 2018 Expo and now acts as Karafarin Ambassador to extend his involvement in the Entrepreneurship society.


Kimiya Gerami

​Kimiya has Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology. During her studies, she improved her social skills by contributing to variety of volunteer opportunities. She has excellent communication skills and volunteer experiences and is currently helping Karafarin as graphic design team member.


Ehsan Farahani

Ehsan Shahrabi Farahani is working as a Software Development Engineer at TELUS. He has extensive experiences in various Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Signal Processing projects. He holds a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Calgary. Ehsan received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Applied Mathematics from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). He also has passed an internship at Yale University, in which worked on innovative Data Science projects.


Azi Nia

Azi Nia (Ph.D.) studies Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering at Ryerson University. As an expert in biotechnology and nanomedicine, she has extensive experience in multidisciplinary research. Her area of research covers biomedical application of nanomaterials in health sciences. She has been so passionate to help people who suffer from cancer by focusing her research to new systems for drug delivery and cancer therapy. Having served for more than 12 years in academic positions; both as supervisor for several postgraduate theses and as assistant professor; she has never limited herself to academy and been actively engaged in cultural and social activities. During past few years, she has developed her network to expand her knowledge to business-oriented activities as well.


Elaheh Abdollahi

​Elaheh is a PhD student of Computational Epidemiology at York University, graduated with a master degree in Mathematical Statistics, Shiraz University, Iran. Beside her statistical background and her teaching experiences as university lecturer, she is extremely inspired by new ideas and interested in developing innovative businesses especially in academic areas. She joined Karafarin team in August 2019 to explore opportunities for learning, sharing and networking.

Meisam Akbari Zare

Meisam graduated  from University of Tehran in Material Science and Engineering. During his undergrad, he volunteered in Fanni Climbers club for five years as a group lead, rock climbing trainer and manager. After graduation, Meisam worked as a Quality Control specialist in IGC (Iranian International Gas Contractor) from 2009 to 2010 and in from 2010 to 2012. He was also a volunteer in Fanni Alumni Association.

Meisam started his own business in carpentry and interior design (Radman Group) in 2012. His business grew up and accomplished 100+ projects in the kitchen cabinets and all interior cabinetry for Qatar Airways, Atlas Jet Airlines, Parham Group, Ista Dezh Group, Kardis Group, etc.

Meisam, his wife and little boy landed in Canada in 2017. After gaining some experience while working for other companies, he start his own business in the installation of all kinds of cabinets in 2019. Since then, he has accomplished 30+ projects as an installer.

Zahra Goodarzi

Zahra has a BSc in Midwifery from Shahid Beheshti University. She finished her second Bachelor’s degree at Ryerson University in Nutrition and food. Currently, she is pursuing a professional master’s diploma in dietetics from Ryerson University and working as a clinical nutrition intern at Sunnybrook hospital. Zahra has experience in teaching and working in the healthcare field. She is passionate about nutrition and the food industry covering everything from private practice work and education services to businesses and product development opportunities.

Mohi Sanisel

With a technical background, Mohi started his entrepreneurial journey by launching, the leading crowdfunding platform in Iran. Before that, he worked as CTO with IranEcar, processing approximately 15% of Iran’s eCommerce transactions. Working as a startup founder and among fellow entrepreneurs shifted his interest and focus from pure-technical areas to the business potential of the technology. In his late 20s, he migrated to Canada to presume his career on a global scale. After graduating from Seneca College’s Business program, he took the Program Lead role at Ryerson’s DMZ, the globally recognized university-based incubator in Toronto.

Ali Darian

Ali is eager to positively impact the education and economic empowerment of students, especially in Iran. Therefore, he has volunteered in dozens of relevant projects in different countries to meet his social responsibility goals. He also co-founded a small charity to provide entertainment for underprivileged children living in remote areas.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, building products and services that create user joy has always played a crucial role in Ali’s career vision. He has started various entrepreneurial projects with failed and successful outcomes, and he believes in the saying, “If you cannot fail, you cannot learn.” (Eric Ries)


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Mahshid Shaaker

Mahshid studies Master of Quality Systems Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal. She studied Chemical Engineering in Tehran and later was admitted to Masters program in the field of Process Engineering. However, the passion for world of business administration directed her to start her own medical spa in Tehran. She has also worked as photo model, event host, representor and brand ambassador of several corporations around the world for more than a decade.

Parastoo Shafiei

Parastoo moved to Canada to do her master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation engineering at TMU (former Ryerson). Learning how to launch a business and make it a sustainable one was always interesting to her. She is a critical thinker and has an entrepreneurial mind. Now, she works as a business developer on launching an online platform named Fuse, which is associated with Ryerson University. Also, she works as a project coordinator in a start-up services company. 

Masi Janitabar

As an optimistic strategic design thinker, Masi is passionate about the future of humans, cities, communities, and buildings. She is constantly looking for technological advancements that will be applicable beyond the building industry to draw conclusions that will impact the built environment’s future. It is her firm belief that the future of
architecture depends on how technological developments of recent decades are implemented. Currently, Masi is studying Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Toronto
Metropolitan University (Ryerson University).
Having worked as a project manager for more than 7 years, she sought to broaden her perspectives in business and gain experience in launching start-ups. In the process of starting her own business, she has begun working on it.



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Our Former Ambassadors


Ben Safarinia

Behnam has earned his masters of civil and environmental engineering along with his certificate of excellence in Business and Entrepreneurship from the University of Waterloo and has 5 years of experience in civil engineering, inspection and project administration field. He has been involved in numerous inspection projects for the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Infrastructure Ontario (IO), Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), Canadian National Rail (CN), Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Ministry of Attorney General (MAG), Ministry of Correctional Services and Community Safety (MCSCS) and Ministry of National Resources and Forestry (MNRF), as a structural engineer in training and building assessment analyst. He also has extensive experience in the surveying and project administration field obtained through his role as a survey coordinator working in energy sector and on multi million dollar transportation projects such as Waterloo/Kitchener Light Rail Transit.


Newsha Haghghoo

Newsha considers herself an artist in an engineer’s body. To many, art and engineering might seem like completely different worlds, but Newsha was able to find the eternal relationship between the two.
Being a student of Hannibal Alkhas taught her to see things in a unique perspective. She can always find the most optimistic approach to any problem she faces in life, and is able to think outside of the box in a way that spawns new ideas almost naturally. At a young age, she understood the potential of her ideas, but realized that she needed certain tools/skills in order to bring them to life. This is why she chose to study Civil Engineering at University of Toronto. While studying engineering, she continues to pursue her passion for art by making sculptures, painting and acting. Because of her creativity, she is able to bridge the interpersonal and intrapersonal aspects of day to day activities.


Afsoon Pajand

Afsoon is an Analytical and Bio-Analytical Scientist with a PhD degree in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Waterloo. Her main area of expertise focuses on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of small molecules using the state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation such as mass spectrometry. In 2018, Afsoon challenged herself by joining a start-up company as lead Senior Scientist to design and develop a 3rd party Canadian laboratory services company to deliver analytical testing & data-driven business intelligence to the growing cannabis economy. During this time, she led projects to establish a fully functional laboratory and develop several quantitative methods in accordance to International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. Due to the recognition of her communicative and client facing skills, she was promoted to the field applications specialist, managing client relations in order to better support partner companies and their affiliated labs. 



Saeedeh S.

Saeedeh has a background in Visual Communication and Photography and graduated from Smith School of Business at Queen’s University with a degree in Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on leading corporate innovation and the entrepreneur economy. At the moment she is working as an Innovation Strategist .
She has volunteered in countries such as Morocco, India, and Romania. Saeedeh considers herself a Global Citizen and believes that despite cultural and national differences, people around the world can unite to become stronger. In fact, it is the power of human beings who can live with each other despite their differences. She believes that there is something to learn and teach anywhere in the world. Saeedeh believes in experiencing new cultures and enjoys talking to new people from different cultures and nationalities and believes that each new culture gives her more ideas and creativity. Saeedeh is not working on her mission, she enjoys being in nature, Photography, and talking to people.